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About Dr. Gerber

Medical Background and Experience

I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Biology from Northern Illinois University before attending naturopathic medical school at Bastyr University near Seattle, Washington, where I also received my training and certification in midwifery.  As a student I trained extensively in midwifery and pediatrics with Seattle Natural Family Medicine (now One Sky Family Medicine).  After medical school I traveled to Vanuatu in the South Pacific and delivered babies at a developing hospital before completing a rigorous family practice residency at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Since 2008, I have had a private practice in naturopathic medicine and practiced midwifery with Davi Khalsa (at TLC Midwifery) in Los Angeles.


  • BS (summa cum laude) Biology (Chemistry minor), Northern Illinois University

  • ND (with additional certification in midwifery), Bastyr University

Current Licenses and Certifications

  • California Licensed Naturopahic Doctor (ND)

  • California Licensed Professional Midwife (CPM)

  • Board Certified Naturopathic Pediatrician (FABNP)


Association Memberships

How I Approach My Practice 

I consider myself a true primary care doctor (although in California such practice has limits--for now), with pediatrics and women's health as specialties.  I am especially successful at helping my patients achieve lasting lifestyle changes by working with them to develop their optimum health goals and actually reach them.


I follow naturopathic principals in my practice.  I strive to cultivate a close therapeutic relationship with patients so that I can simultaneously meet people where they are and hold the space and the vision of their optimal self to help them stay focused them on their healing journey.  I prefer to utilize botanicals, nutrition, and active preventive medicine as first-line treatments, but call on a wide variety of naturopathic treatments to best address the whole person.

One of the keys ways in which my approach stands apart from that of other doctors is in the amount of time I devote up to front to developing individualized treatment plans for my patients. Many doctors, including NDs, will often prescribe "by the book" or "one size fits all" treatments and remedies in the name of offering their patients an immediate solution. Sometimes that is in fact the best approach, especially for acute conditions like colds and the flu. But while a cold and its treatment are pretty much the same for everyone, many other conditions require a more individualized plan that can only be developed through a careful analysis of a patient's medical history, current circumstances, etc. I know that what brought you to see me did not in many cases arise overnight, is unique to you and your body, and deserves better than a cookie-cutter approach.     

How I Came to Naturopathic Medicine 

I always knew, from the time I was very young, that I wanted to be involved somehow in biology, in the life sciences, but I also knew that I did not resonate with nor accept completely all of conventional medicine.  What an illuminating joy it was to discover naturopathic medicine.  I love what I do and I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with practitioners from many fields to provide the best possible healthcare to our patients.

I was (and am) passionate about women's health and sustainability, about peace and community.  I was fascinated with infectious diseases and appalled by the rise of antibiotic resistent bacteria.  I was unsatisfied though, before I stumbled upon naturopathic medicine.  I couldn't see myself spending my entire life behind a microscope, but I was dissillusioned with many of the tenets of conventional medicine and our failed healthcare "system" of inequalities.  From the moment I heard about naturopathic medicine, I knew I had found something incredible.  I could have a livelihood, a life's work, not just a career.  I could merge my activism and my love of science and my love of the earth and living systems.

Some of My Favorite Things About Being a Doctor

Watching people grow, including myself.  Seeing magical transformative moments.  Laughing with my patients.  The excitement of researching a new case, of finding the right path forward through the maze of possibilities, of the "ah-ha" moment, of forging an alliance with someone excited about their health.  Being present with another human being as they and triumph and evolve.  Being able to bring patients compassion in sensitive or painful moments.  Being present at the birth of families.  Hearing someone's story.  Having the knowledge and skills to help someone when they need it and/or connect them to a web of resources that can help them.  Watching patients succeed.  And I really love working with pregnant women, babies, and kids--they're just so much fun. 

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