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Patient FAQs
So what is naturopathy, anyways? 

Naturopathy is a system of medicine that restores health by removing obstacles to cure and supports the body's own healing processes by addressing the cause of illness, not just the symptoms.  It combines the latest in scientific research and evidence-based medicine with traditional wisdom and natural healing practices. For a more detailed explanation of naturopathic medicine, please visit our What is Naturopathy? page, which includes links to additional sources in the Want to know more? section.

Where is Dr. Gerber's office? 

Dr. Gerber practices out of the Gracefull Birth and Family Center in the Silverlake Neighborhood of Los Angeles. The address is 2815 Sunset Blvd,  #205, Los Angeles, CA 90026.

When is Dr. Gerber in the office? 

Dr. Gerber sees patients five days a week, M-F (Wednesdays are only for midwifery clients at TLC) and one Saturday a month. She is available for short phone or email visits outside of her regular hours for established patients who don't require a physical examination.  She also holds a low-cost clinic one Saturday per month for patients and families who otherwise genuinely could not afford naturopathic services (must be on Medi-cal or have a verifiable poverty-level income for your family size in order to qualify for the reduced clinic rate). 

For appointment availability, please visit the Make an Appointment page or call 323-379-4614 from 9-4, M-F.

How do I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment online through the Make an Appointment page or by calling 323-379-4614 between

9 and 4, M-F. 

How long will my appointment last?

New patient intake appointments are split into two one-hour sessions. The first visit will include a conversation with Dr. Gerber about the issue(s) that brought you to see her along with well as a full medical history and initial examination. Depending on your condition Dr. Gerber may provide treatment options during that visit, but more often than not she will develop your individualized treatment plan between your first and second appointments in order to properly review your medical history and lab work.  The second visit will involve a discussion of  your lab results (if necessary) and Dr. Gerber's comprehensive treatment plan.  

Established patients (those who have had initial intake appointments) can schedule appointments lasting anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour depending on the need. Most appointments take a half an hour.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

You can cancel by calling Dr. Gerber's office at 323-379-4614. Keep in mind that a strict a 24 hour cancellation policy pertaining to all appointments is in place. Patients who do not give adequate notice of the need to cancel will be charged a fee to cover administrative costs.

Is my visit covered by insurance?

No. Under current California law, naturopathic services are not covered by insurance. As a patient of Dr. Gerber's, you should expect to pay out of pocket or through your health savings account for most services. The upside is that Dr. Gerber isn't required by an insurance company to spend as little time as possible diagnosing and treating her patients. Dr. Gerber is happy to provide superbills for any procedure or visit to submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement.

About classes and workshops...

In addition to her medical practice, Dr. Gerber also offers regular classes and workshops to patients and their families on topics such as childhood vaccines, and preconception and fertility awareness. Please visit the Attend a Class page for her current course offerings.

 Dr. Gerber would also be happy to speak to your class or group about naturopathy, midwifery, and/or subjects related to her particular expertise. Please contact her at to discuss her availability.

Still have questions?

For general inquiries including questions about appointment scheduling, office directions, etc., please call Dr. Gerber's office at 323-379-4614 between the hours of 9-4, M-F.


If you have a question for Dr. Gerber related to her services, availability, etc., feel free to email her at Please note that appointments cannot be made through email. 

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