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January 2021 COVID Vaccine Webinar (audio only - webinar begins at 1:30mins in):






January 15th 2021 COVID VACCINE Webinar--will be free, from 8pm-8:30pm.  Link posted here and on my Instagram page.  



May 2020 Update: COVID Webinar:













April 2020 Update re: COVID 19 Antibody Testing:

To my dear patients and families, and anyone interested in empowered health,

I want to let you know about the update on testing options, in case you did not get our patient email.

We now have antibody testing (IgM and IgG). Primex, a regional conventional lab through which I run most of my regular labwork, has just validated their version of the test. This is FDA allowed, but not technically FDA approved (there isn’t one of those widely available yet, and this one could become so; but an independently validated version from a reputable lab is the best that we have for now). It is a blood draw, and the results take 24-48 hours to return from the lab. The lab fee for the test is $60 direct payment, but you may be able to submit it to insurance as well. All lab tests have false positives and negatives, and this one is no exception. It cannot guarantee that you have had COVID-19, but it can start to provide answers.

Please, DO NOT schedule a blood draw directly with the office for this test if you are symptomatic. You must contact me first via your patient portal or by email, so that I can determine if/when, and with what test it makes sense for you to be tested. Non-current patients can schedule as well, and will have a short consultation as part of the deal.

Please continue to stay home except for essential tasks, wash your hands frequently, and take good care of yourself (sleep, low sugar, meditation, essential vitamins like D/C/zinc/NAC, stay well hydrated and warm, get in the sun). My office colleague, Dr. Bryant Esquejo, is providing incredible immune boosting and nutrient repleting IVs as well—call the office or visit his IG page to learn more.

Hang in there, everyone. I’m sending love and light to you all. Please don’t hesitate to call the office and schedule a consultation at any time, or for questions about this test or anything else—I’m here. 323.379.4614.

In health,

Dr. Gerber

March 2020 Update:

To my dear patients and families,  

Like everyone else (myself included) I am sure you are trying to make sense of what's going on in your lives and the world around you as we all deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Likewise, I know you are all doing your best to protect the health and well-being of yourself and your loved ones. While we all know that there is as of yet no cure or vaccine against the coronavirus, having a strong immune system can only help should you be exposed. Remember to prioritize sleep, hydration, mild exercise, meditation, and take good immune supportive vitamins and supplements like D, A, C, zinc, probiotics, and anti-viral herbs (one of my favorite combos is Bio-vegetarian by Priority One, which is on The virus doesn’t like heat or moisture, so get the sun on your face, drink hot tea, stay warm, etc. Avoid gatherings, but we know that social connection is very important for proper immune health, so spend quality time with your loved ones and do your best to connect with far away family and friends via technology. COVID-19 is spread mostly by touching things that have viral particles on them and then touching your face, not usually by direct respiration, so wash your hands and sanitize your surfaces as much as possible.


Finally, stay calm.  While the times may feel strange or stressful as we are forced to slow down and give up our familiar routines, embrace and revel in the possibilities that this change has brought--and remember that we are all in this together (despite our social isolation). 


As for me and my practice (in case you wondered!), I will be in the office with open doors unless I myself am sick.  We now only admit patients who come into the office one at a time, and follow all CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting between them. But know that I am also now primarily conducting visits via phone or online via skype/zoom unless otherwise necessary. My classes and workshops will also be moved to an online format for the foreseeable future.  If you need to come in for a blood draw or physical exam, we can keep that short, and you will only be exposed to me. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation at any time. I am also able to test for COVID-19 (although always call before scheduling to come in, so that we can determine the best course of action), and will soon be able to test for antibodies.  As always, be well. I’m sure you’re joining me in sending healing thoughts out to all of the world.



In health

Michelle Gerber, ND, LM, FABNP

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