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What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is...

a system of medicine that restores health by removing obstacles to cure and supports the body's own healing processes by addressing the cause of illness, not just the symptoms.  It combines the latest in scientific research and evidence-based medicine with traditional wisdom and natural healing practices.


a variety of tools to treat you as a whole person, including laboratory testing and imaging, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle coaching, botanical medicine, homeopathy, physical medicine, hydrotherapy, pharmaceuticals and more.  We also focus on supporting your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being to help optimize your body's innate healing capabilities.

Naturopathy uses...

an empowering doctor-patient partnership. You will spend more time with a naturopathic doctor so that she can get to know you and your issues as thoroughly as possible. Naturopaths also take seriously the role of "doctor as teacher," and give their patients the tools they need to understand and take charge of their health.

Naturopathy involves...
Naturopathic Doctors are...

a great choice as your primary care provider. A Naturopathic Doctor (or ND) has attended a four year medical school and has passed a rigorous licensing exam. NDs get the same core medical education as MDs in addition to learning naturopathic treatments.  NDs are licensed in California to be primary care doctors.

Naturopathic Doctors 

effectively treat everything from acute conditions such as the flu and urinary tract infections to complex and/or chronic conditions like diabetes and hypothyroidism. Dr. Gerber's specializations are in women's health and pediatrics, but she is first and foremost a general practitioner who has experience treating many conditions. 

Want to know more?

To contact Dr. Gerber to discuss whether the naturopathic approach can help you, email her at For a more information about naturopathy click here. You can also hear Dr. Gerber herself discuss naturopathy here.

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